I love the beginning of a new year!

New diaries to set up, empty calendars to fill and list to make, I love it all.

Resolutions are always a focus for people in January, and I have to admit I do like to make a little list myself. I usually ponder these goals during January and start them fresh in February when school is back, and we are back in our normal routine. Who can eat healthy during this festive period?

If resolutions aren’t your style or you don’t want to feel tied to a list of expectations you might like to settle on a word to be your theme or mantra for 2017.

Last year I couldn’t settle on a word and decided on the statement



I’m running with a similar theme this year however I’ve narrowed it down to one word

-Less stressing

-Less stuff

-Less spending

-Less coffee

-Less worry

-Less procrastinating

-Less Guilt

While “less” seems like a negative word to settle on it comes from the desire to keep it simple and I know reminding myself ‘Less’ will lead to


-more calm

-more space

-more saving

-more peace

-more time

-more freedom

I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

Do you make resolutions? Have you settled on one word for 2017? Let me know what your word will be.

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