I’m a self confessed stationery addict.  I’m pretty sure it all started the Christmas before I started school when I received a stocking full of pencils, crayons and all the stationery I needed to start Grade 1. I was hooked from the moment I held those pretty little pink and white scissors. My stationery addiction has only grown over the years, especially since becoming a teacher.  As a mum I love being able to share the things I love with my boys so I was thrilled when Smash Enterprises asked us to review one of their latest stationery ranges.

Stationery isn’t just for girls!

I’ve always hoped my boys would share my stationery addiction and with brands like Smash Enterprises releasing ranges like the Urban Graphic print it makes it pretty easy to get them excited about some new note books and pencils.  From the minute I opened the box Mr 8 was oohing and ahhing over the colour scheme and designs. This is one cool range that will guarantee Mr 8 some street cred on the stationery front at school.

Smash Stationery range

It’s never to early start teaching your kids organising skills, set them up for success by keeping it simple and easy to use.  Smash have released 4 new ranges available in Big W stores now, that will help organise your desk and office space. Gone are the days of boring files and folders, there is something for everyone  with these new colourful designs and plenty of organising solutions.

smash stationery rangesmash stationery range




Organising Stationery

Recently we gave Mr 8’s bedroom a make over and added a desk, you can read more the makeover here.  I believe one of the keys to successful organising is to revisit spaces regularly and evaluate what is and isn’t working.  The problem we needed to address in this space was paper clutter! We had given Blair a great space to work and create, now he needed some solutions and practical ways to organise his paper.

A4 document wallets are a simple but practical way to store any loose sheets of paper, the document folders in the Smash Urban graphic range are sturdy and can be secured with an elastic edge, perfect for traveling to and from school and everywhere in between.  We kept the labelling simple and used a strip of washi tape and a sharpie.

We’re keeping his file folders on an Ikea picture ledge next to his desk where they are easy to access.

Another key to successful organising is to look at why the space is unorganised or a mess. Blair loves to write, draw and create, instead of using lots of sheets of paper we have designated a set of notebooks ranging from A4 -A5, the fact that they are coordinating is bonus for a stationery addict like myself.   We used washie tape to label these and categorised the note books based on what he likes to do, Wrtiting, soccer, drawing, songs etc.  Using a magazine file is an easy solution to store and keep books and folders looking neat and tidy when storage space is limited.

A cutlery organiser is perfect for storing pens, pencils, paperclips, erasers and other stationery treasures. How cool are those bendy rubbers and arrow pens?

The colour scheme in the Urban Graphic range was Perfect for Blair’s Bedroom.  We updated his guitar corner with some funky folders and a note book for all his music sheets and books, keeping the space practical but at the same time so much more aesthetically pleasing.

Smash Stationery

So far these little improvements have been the solutions we were looking for! There has been no paper clutter all over the desk and we are using a lot less loose paper.  It’s also been fun for Mr 8 to display and rearrange his new stationery collection.  I can safely say I’ve created another stationery addict, thanks for your help Smash Enterprises!

Are you a stationery addict too?

Happy Organising



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