I’m yet to come across someone who doesn’t love the idea of a Mother’s day journal. What’s not to love about messages and notes from your children all compiled in a special book for years to come. You can read more about it the post Our Mother’s Day Tradition.

We started my journal when Blair was 4 and Leo was 18 months. I’ve never for a minute wished we had earlier entries from Blair, in fact it hadn’t occurred to me that his first few years were missing.

Don’t let the age of your children prevent you from starting this precious tradition. The point of this post is to encourage you to start no matter how old or young your children are!

Don’t be limited because they are too young to hold a pencil and can’t yet draw or write, how about a hand or a footprint instead?

If you have older children and want to fill in their younger years, do you have any of their old Mother’s day cards or artwork that could fill in the missing years?

If they are older and past drawing pictures for you, how about a letter or poem instead?

Don’t rule it out if you think your husband/partner won’t organise it for you or you are on your own. Buy yourself a journal and let the kids fill in the pages for you. Help them if they are little, as they get older each year let them do it more independently. My boys are 8 and 5 and love writing in the journal and keeping it a secret from me.

Just writing this post has me thinking that the Grandmas and Nannas might love a journal for Mother’s day too!

I have a Kikki K DIY album, it’s a beautiful book and makes a gorgeous journal. If you don’t have access to a Kikki K store, have a look through the stationary departments at your local department stores for a book that might work.


There are lots of options around if you want to start your own Mother’s Day Journal, I recommend….

1. A Hard cover

~ If you want your journal to last for many years to come it will need to be up to standing the test of time.

2. Heavy set pages or card stock

~ This will stop any felt tip pens bleeding through.

3. White pages

~ Don’t be swayed and buy an album with black pages, consider what pens will be available to you in the future.

I’d love to hear about your Mother’s day traditions. Are you going to start your a Mother’s day journal this year or  give one as a gift?

Happy Mother’s day

Bernadette x

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