This year I’ve started using the Leanne Baker Daily Planner and setting goals each month under the following categories: Self Care, Family Relationships, Health, Finance, Fun and Home.

It was the Self Care goal that had me thinking the most and the one I found the hardest to set.  I know what things I need to do to take care of myself and I know what makes me feel good, but I’m guilty of not prioritising these.

I’m going to make a conscious effort in 2018 to ensure I prioritise my self care.  My husband is good at reminding me of the emergency procedures on a plane, put your mask on before you put it on your child! After all, how can we take care of and organise our families if we aren’t taking care of ourselves?

I never skip breakfast, but lunch is often something I eat on the go or something I’ve quickly thrown together.  This usually means I’m then starving mid- afternoon and snacking on things I shouldn’t. One of my first acts of self care in 2018 is to ensure I eat a good lunch each day.  I always make the school lunches the night before, so I’m going to add making my lunch into the routine.

When organising the boy’s lunch boxes for the start of the school year, I decided I needed some new lunch gear myself.

Smash to the rescue with the gorgeous Neoprene lunch tote. It’s almost to stylish to be a lunch bag and could almost double as a hand bag.


If you know me or have been following along for awhile, you’ll know I love a bit of matchy matchy so I couldn’t resist the matching drink bottle insulated sleeve.



I also have the smaller neoprene lunch bag, this one will be great for snacks or days I need to take my breakfast with me.

So when you’re organising the lunch boxes for back to school why not browse the range and see if there is something for yourself? Big W and Coles currently have a large back to school Smash range.

I’m now on the hunt for easy to prepare, healthy and delicious lunches.  Send me your favourites!

Take care


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