The school holidays are fast approaching!  I’ve had a lot of interest on my Instagram and Facebook about the school holiday activity box I put together for my boys.

Originally I put a  few activities together to pull out when I needed to squeeze in some work during the holidays or for a quiet afternoon and for days when we didn’t have much planned, but it has now become one of our holiday traditions. What I put in our school holiday activity box varies from break to break but is always along the same lines. I’ve put together a list of what I put in our school holiday activity box and how I use it so you can set one up too.

What I put in our school holiday activity box

Something to make

I generally opt for craft activities that the boys can do independently, because the idea of the box is to give me some time out too. A quick browse of the craft isles at my local $2 store or Kmart is usually enough to find something suitable.

A few of our favourites are

  • Foam dolls – My boys love making these and often use their creations for games after.
  • Shrinkies
  • Slime kit
  • A new colouring book or colouring poster (throw in some new textas or pencils to double the fun)
  • HAMA beads – I print off a few new designs for the boys to copy and it gives this activity a whole new lease of life.


I always aim to keep the cost of our school holiday activity box to a minimum. A few DIY activities are always fun and keep the expense down.  I often make a fresh batch of play dough for the break, the boys love to choose the colour and get involved making it.  Am I the only one who loves the smell of play dough?  You can find my favourite play dough recipe here, why not give it a fun twist and add some glitter, a few drops of essential oils or cocoa to make chocolate play dough.  I’m yet to try making our own slime but I know it’s one activity my boys would love.  If you’re not quite as adventurous baking cookies and decorating cupcakes is always a hit at our house.

Something for outside

I like to give our outside activity to the boys early in the school holidays so they can use it all break.  We have a lot of outside balls and activities, sometimes I’m doubling up buying a new soccer or handball but I tell you it’s worth every cent because it gives the activity a new lease of which guarantees Mamma some time out!

  • Handballs
  • Soccer/basketball/football
  • Hoolahoop
  • Skipping rope
  • Pool toy/water/hose play.

A game or puzzle to work on together

One of the things I’m loving about the boys being older is playing board games with them.  There is a great range of inexpensive board games at Kmart that we’re slowly making our way through.  Last holidays we spent hours playing Bingo we certainly got our $12 out of that.

  • A new board game
  • Card game
  • Large puzzle to leave set up and work on over the break

Something to enjoy

These additions can increase the total cost of your school holiday activity box. A new book to read is becoming one of our school holiday traditions, we usually opt for books both the boys can read and enjoy during the school holidays.

  • A new dvd
  • Bath bomb
  • Book to read
  • New treat to try

How I use our Holiday Activity box

I don’t present the holiday activity box to the boys,  this way each activity has it’s own time to shine rather than being caught up in the excitement.  It also ensures we get maximum enjoyment from each activity,  I get things out as I need them, or when we have time for them. It also means that some holidays we might have a few things left at the end of the holidays, I can keep these aside for the next holidays.  I’m always conscious about clutter in our home and am careful not to add to it.  I choose carefully for our school holiday activity box and ensure I have things I know my boys will enjoy, use and sometimes need and not things we will need to throw away in a few weeks time.  We don’t need a new activity for each day, our holiday bucket list keeps us fairly busy, some of the activities in our school holiday activity box will take us a few days to do and some we can enjoy multiple times.  

Here are a few of our previous school holiday activity boxes

School Holiday activity box

Shrink art, mini soccer ball, colour your own stickers, magnetic hangman and DIY slime.

Holiday activity box

Foam dolls, hand balls, wooden pegs (to make puppets), wooden games from Kmart.

Activity and sticker books from Kikki K, colouring poster, hand balls

If you’re looking for ways to keep the boredom at bay and spruce up a home day during the school holidays you might like to put together a holiday activity box too.  Make sure you tag me I’d love to see what you come up with.

Happy holidays


Bernadette is an entrepreneur, blogger, primary school teacher and most importantly a mother. She explores various topics related to parenting, every day life (recipes, craft ideas, organising tips) and of course including fun into your life on her blog So Freaking Organised. Connect with her over on her Facebook Group So Freaking Organised Community, her Facebook Page or her Instagram account.

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