Having kids at school brings a whole different dimension to organising.  Not only is there everyone’s schedules and activities to manage but having kids at school also brings with it uniforms, bags, instruments, homework just to name a few.

I’ve put together a command centre for all our school equipment.  Keeping it all in the one place will take the pressure of our mornings and keep our front hallway tidier.

If you’re looking to set up a command centre too, you might like to consider a few of the things I’ve used to create ours.

First you’ll need to designate a space for your command centre. I wanted ours to be near our door, so it was the first port of call when arriving home and the last stop before we leave the house.

Our school bag command centre is in our garage next to the internal door to the house.

Then you’ll need to decide on a storage system, preferably with a few compartments or cubbies.  Having our school bag command centre in the garage, I wanted a cupboard that would close to keep things dust free.

I’ve chosen these locker cupboards from Kmart, they are sturdy and a great price at $45 each. At this stage, we have left out one of the shelves, but if we decide we need it later, we can easily pop it in.

The fact that the doors are lockable has my boys very excited. I’ve put the spare keys in a safe place just in case of emergency.

Adding a notice board will give you a place to keep any important notes and reminders that might come home. I’ve used a magnetic white board that will serve two purposes, sticking notes to and writing reminders.  If you can’t find a white board, you could use a cork board or black board.  Don’t forget to hit the stationery isle and stock up on magnets, whiteboard pens, pins and chalk. I’ll also add each of the boy’s schedules, so everyone knows what is happening on each day.

I love using cutlery caddies for organising. I’ve stocked one I grabbed in the Aldi specials with any last minute supplies that might be needed – sunscreen, spare change, bandaids and the stationery for our command centre.

Hooks are a great way for storing smaller items like hats and library bags.  When adding hooks make sure they are at a height your kiddos can reach. We added ours to the inside of our lockers.

Keep on top of rubbish by including a bin in your command centre. Being in the garage It’s also handy to give the car a quick clean out when we arrive home each day.


Involve the kids in the planning and setting up, my boys helped build the lockers and are super proud of this little space. They’ve not only enjoyed using them but organising them too.

Be flexible with your design and how it is used. If it’s not working, try changing things up until they do.  The secret to being organised is having systems that work.  I’ll be updating our command centre to accomodate our needs as they arise.

Have you got a school bag command centre?

Happy Organising


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