Thanks for following my little series on book storage.  If you missed my previous posts, you can read how to create a reading nook or make the most of the shelving in your kid’s rooms to inspire reading.

The majority of our kid’s books are found in their bedrooms. However, we have integrated a few other reading spaces through our home that seem to be just as popular as their reading nooks.

In our playroom, we have this tiered bookshelf I picked up in one of the Aldi sales a few years ago.  IMG_1485

We have mostly board books and activity type books (with the noisy buttons) in here. From time to time, I will gather a bit of a theme and put together in here.

I was ready to donate all our little board books about a year ago but with a beginner reader in the house decided to keep them as they are often really basic sight words and are easy to read.  We have these on the floor in this little wire basket from Woolworth’s Easter range.  The boys love to carry this basket around to different parts of the house and read the little books.


When Blair was three, we bought him a Leap Tag Reading system. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and our collection of books has grown over the last few years, especially with the addition of Leo’s Reading Tag. To make the most of this reading system, we keep all the books and the Tags together.


This collection wasn’t intended to be kept in the lounge room, but that is where it seems to land and is used most.  We have them stored in this white wire locker box tucked away in the corner of the lounge room. We have a number of books now and have downloaded different books onto each tag.


Where else do you store books in your home? How do you have them stored or displayed?

I hope you’ve been inspired to create a book nook or store your books in a new way. Share your pics in the comments or tag me on Instagram.

In my next post I’ll be sharing what we do with the rest of our books.  Rest assured we don’t have as many as the kids do and I’ll explain why.

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