Wow! I can’t believe we’ve finished Term 1. This year is speeding by and before we know it the Easter break will be done and dusted.

We don’t usually travel or camp over the Easter school break. Instead we plan what we like to call a staycation. Basically, a fancy way to say we’re staying home for the break and doing things locally. To make the most of the time we have off together, I start planning and organising our break a week or two before.

I always chat with the boys about what things they want to do on the holidays, and together we make a little holiday bucket list. These are a few regulars from our previous bucket lists.

Play Dates

I always ask the boys who they’d like a play date with and I find it easiest to organise catch ups first. Otherwise our calendar starts getting full and we aren’t as flexible. If you have limited time, try combining playdates and a holiday activity and tick a few things off at once.

Movie Date

Movie dates are always on our holiday bucket list. These days there always seem to be a good selection of kids films showing during the holidays. I like to leave at least one movie we don’t see and have a fun movie night at home when it’s released on DVD.

Home Day

To my surprise, my boys always ask for a home day, and I think it’s a good idea to include rest days during the break so they do go back to school well-rested and ready to tackle another term of learning.

Local Activities

I’ve noticed shopping centres are upping the anti with their school holiday entertainment these days. Get online and see what your local centres are putting on these holidays, quite often the events are free or for a small cost. While you’re online have a look at local community and council pages for events and activities.

Park Exploring

During the term, we have a pretty full routine and tend to go to our favourite parks regularly. We’ve set ourselves the challenge over the last few holidays to go and explore a new park. This has even turned into a fun day trip from time to time and is perfect for inviting friends along for a play date.

Holiday Activity Box

This has become a holiday tradition that my boys look forward to. This box is for the quiet or down time during the holidays. Most of our sports and after school activities break for the holidays and with no homework from school, it’s nice to have a few fun activities we can do in some spare time. The box is usually stocked with some new craft activities, a new colouring book or a board game. I like to keep the activities to things they can do by themselves if I am busy and that don’t make too much mess (I leave the painting for school and kindy). The activity box these holidays has a few favourites.

These foam people are always a hit with my boys! A great buy for $3 at Kmart

It wouldn’t be the Easter holidays with out an Easter activity or 2. Riot Art and Craft always have a great range when it comes to seasonal craft for kids. My boys love to colour these cut outs and then we’ll use these as our Easter cards for family and friends.

The kids craft section in department stores and your local $2 shop is a great place to start. I’ve found you don’t need something for everyday of the holidays as some things take more than one sitting to do.

This is an activity box I had put together last year from Kmart and our $2 shop all for under $20.

Are any of these on your holiday bucket list? Have you made plans for your holiday break?

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Happy Holidays

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