Keeping with the theme of getting to know me I thought I’d share one of my obsessions with you – Pineapples!

So what do pineapples have to do with organising?


I just have a small love affair with all things pineapple. They seem to be on trend at the moment which means they are popping up all over the place.

I have them on the bench…

Decorating the Lightbox…


Salt and Pepper shakers on the table…


My only for display purposes breadboard…


I’m even dressing my boys in them…


Now I’ll never stop you or tell you not to buy something you absolutely love (what true shopaholic would?) It’s easy to get caught up in buying things especially when it does happen to be on trend. My advice is only to buy things you can visualise where it will go or how it’s going to be used when you get it home. It can be easy to get caught up in a trend and end up with a bunch of things you need to spend time organising or storing unnecessarily!

What are you addicted to? Do you share my love for pineapples?

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