Our Easter was the perfect combination of Relaxing, fun and a little bit of adventure. Here is a peek into what we got up to.

Good Friday set the tone for the weekend beautifully. We cooked a yummy pancake breakfast with a bunny twist.


Yes, Blair is wearing a hair net! He got it from a cooking demonstration at school during the week and insisted on keeping it to wear when he helped with the cooking at home.

After breakfast, the boys put on an Easter puppet show with some paddle pop stick puppets we made from our craft haul at Riot Art and Craft a few weeks ago.

The boys then packed and headed off on an overnight hiking adventure with Daddy. I’ve rubbed off on hubby over the years. His packing and planning skills are second to none!


It was Leo’s first overnight hike, and he absolutely loved it!


While the boys were away, I enjoyed some quiet time and spent time working on the blog. I also made some chocolate playdough for the boys to enjoy.


After the boys had returned from their hike, we headed to a local community event and met a few of the boys idols. In case you don’t have young kids, this is Marshall and Chase from The Paw Patrol.


We awoke on Easter Sunday to two very excited little boys eager to find what the bunny had left us this year.


We had our extended family over for lunch and I made a yummy vegetable spiral, it was a huge hit and is much healthier alternative than a potato bake.


Have I mentioned that my Mum is a professional cake decorator? She is always in charge of dessert!


We continued the Easter celebrations with a Bbq breakfast on Easter Monday with more of our extended family. We take capsicum rings to cook our eggs in, it’s delicious and one less thing to clean and take home.


A family bike ride seemed a fitting way to enjoy the rest of a gorgeous day.


I like to dedicate some time each Sunday afternoon to setting up our week. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen my posts about our Sunday Session. Technically it’s Monday, but it is the end of the weekend which means, time to prep for our week. We are on school holidays this week and have lots of plans that will have us out of the house, so I still like to have a few snacks on hand to avoid eating out every day. I also like to take the time during the holidays to make a few extra things to pop in the freezer as backups for super busy weeks during the term.

Tonight’s Sunday/Monday Session included my usual roast veggie trays for dinner and some salads during the week.


My Mum has always said “while the oven is hot, may as well pop something else in” every time I have the oven on that rings in my ears. Tonight I made The Organised Housewife 100 cookie recipe.I often divide this recipe in half and make half choc chip and the other cranberry and white chocolate but I find the cranberry and white chocolate far too tempting, so I just made them all choc chip. I promise we don’t eat 100 cookies in a week, although I’m sure if I gave the boys a chance they’d have a good crack at it. I freeze most of  this recipe in large zip lock bags of 25.


This makes it easy to pull out a batch and defrost for lunches or to take to a party or play date. I can assure you these defrost beautifully and taste as fresh as the day they were baked. If you know me, personally there’s a high chance you’ve eaten a defrosted batch and been none the wiser.

Hubby is back to work tomorrow, and we are already making plans for the next long weekend and wishing it was four days too.

How did you spend your Easter Long weekend? Do you have your own Sunday session? I’d love to hear about it.

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