Having kids has kept my organising skills on their toes! Their needs and interests change so much with each milestone they conquer, organising bottles and nappy bags are almost a distant memory for me now.  My latest organising challenge for the boys has centred mainly around all the routines that come with having a big school boy.

Here are just a few organising hacks I have on the go at the moment to make our school routines run a little bit smoother.


We use silicon cupcake moulds to make compartments in our Tupperware sandwich keepers.  We stack two quarters on top of each other so we can still pack a full sandwich and using the cupcake moulds means we don’t have half a dozen little containers in the lunch box.  You can buy silicon cupcake moulds at your local supermarket, $2 shop and most kitchen and homeware stores.


Homework pencils and supplies

A cutlery caddy makes a great pencil organiser.  We keep all our pencils, felt pens and any other homework supplies together so we can just grab it and get started.


This one is from Spotlight (a few years ago) and is especially handy with the little handle on top, it makes it easy for little hands to carry.  You can usually find cutlery caddies in the kitchen department in stores like Kmart, Target and BigW


Card and homework games

I recently helped my parents organise their video collection. Yes you read that right VIDEO! Let’s just say it was more throwing them all away than organising them.  I saved a few of the cases and removed the inserts to store all our card games and homework games we have.  I used a washi tape and marker to label the spine with whats stored inside.IMG_1626

It’s important to be flexible when organising with kids, you will need to change things to suit their needs for it to stay organised.  Don’t be afraid to mix things up until you get it right.

What organising hacks do you have to help with school routines? I’d love to see what you’re doing! You can tag me instagram or use the #sofreakingorgaised.

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