If you’re looking to start a Mother’s day tradition, you have to see what my Husband started a for me a few years ago. I’m pretty good at leaving hints and occasionally even buying myself something extra, and letting my Husband wrap it up and give me, but this gorgeous idea was all his own!

Instead of buying Mother’s day cards each year, he started a Mother’s day journal.

Each year the boys draw or write on a page of the journal. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

I love looking back at their entries from the previous years and look forward to seeing their latest little masterpiece each year.

My journal is from Kikki.k. It is A DIY Album with an embossed cover so you can personalise it with a picture. It also includes a pocket on the back cover for little notes and mementoes. The pages are a quality card stock that tie together with a black ribbon.

There are lots of options around if you want to start your own Mother’s Day Journal, I recommend….

1. A Hard cover

~ If you want your journal to last for many years to come it will need to be up to standing the test of time.

2. Heavy set pages or card stock

~ This will stop any felt tip pens bleeding through.

3. White pages

~ Don’t be swayed and buy an album with black pages, consider what pens will be available to you in the future.

As much as I already love this book, I know how special it will be in years to come, when my gorgeous little men aren’t so little any more.

I’d love to hear about your Mother’s day traditions. Especially if you already have a Journal or are starting one.

Bernadette x

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