What’s not to love about Lego? Besides stepping on one of those little-coloured bricks.

My boys are big Lego lovers, including and especially The Husband. He couldn’t wait to start a Lego collection with our boys and had them a box of Duplo right from the get go.

The only organising our Duplo had was a large fabric box with a Duplo picture stuck on the front. Any instruction cards that came with the Duplo, I laminated and clipped together with a binder ring and stored them in the box with the blocks, easy!

It was when Blair started to move on from Duplo to Lego I could sense an organisation challenge coming my way.   Leo was still around the age of eating most things he found on the ground, especially if it was tiny and brightly coloured.  Initially, we only had a small amount of Lego, and it was easy enough to keep in a plastic tub with a lid.  This kept tiny unwanted hands out, and Blair would only play with his Lego when Leo napped. This worked for a while, and it was a nice transition from Blair having a day sleep to having a quiet activity instead.  Now if you have little Lego fans than you will know that that stuff breeds in the box! The collection quickly expanded as did the obsession and soon enough it was difficult to get the lid on the plastic tub.  Fortunately enough Leo was growing out of the ‘see it and eat it’ phase and enjoyed joining in on Lego time, but just to be on the safe side, Lego was a supervised activity at the dining room table.

I decided that we needed storage for the Lego in our dining/living room for a few reasons. Mainly I wanted to keep an eye on their play (after catching Blair using his teeth to get some bricks apart). It’s also super easy to scoop it off the table and into a tub!

I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest when I’m planning a new project, but I have to admit I found myself totally overwhelmed with this challenge. I always find it best to refocus and list what it is you want your storage to achieve.

These were my criteria:

  • easy for the boys to access
  • easy pack and clean up
  • coordinate with our living area
  • space to expand as the Lego collection grew

Ikea to the rescue again! The Trofast storage system seemed ideal, and although not exactly (not at all) coordinated with our living room furniture, it was white and blended in and met all the other requirements!


Now I’d love to say we organise our Lego by colour and one day I’d still like to, but for now, we keep all the loose bricks in one tub! We keep all the tiny pieces according to their type (cars, people)  in some small plastic containers inside the trays and the instruction manuals or construction books as the boys call them in another tray.


It’s not as super organised as I’d like but it works! The best part about it is they can get it out and pack it away by themselves.

I don’t know about your kids but my boys are often like chalk and cheese, Lego play is no exception. I have one who loves to build things and keep them built and the other who likes to build, rebuild and rebuild again! To accommodate their little personalities I gave them each a designated tub to store their masterpieces and works in progress.  Did you notice the non-matching green tray? That one is Leo’s building tray, Blair has one of the white trays.

 It also means at pack away time they can keep what ever they’re working on safe in their tub until next time. While we’re on the subject of Lego, did you know…
 I have 2 family passes to give for the Brickman Experience – Interactive Lego experience?  This exhibition is being held on the Gold Coast at the Gold Coast Convention Centre
from the 24 June ~ 9 July.

How to enter…

You need to be a registered follower of my blog So Freaking Organised. You can register by clicking the follow button on the right hand side of the screen.

Then share any one of my Lego related Facebook posts or tag your friends on my Instagram Lego posts. Each time you Share the Giveaway post on Facebook it will count as one entry. Each friend you tag on Instagram will be one entry. You don’t need to do both  (but I’d love it if you did) You can enter as many times as you like but you must be an official follower of the blog for your entires to count!

The lucky winners will be drawn and notified on Thursday 22 June.

You can also secure your tickets through  Ticketek

We’ve got our tickets and are literally counting down the days!

How do you store Lego? I’d love to hear your best storage tips and solutions!

Happy organising





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