To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good book. Reading and books have always been important to me. I can vividly remember being in trouble for reading at all hours of the night as a child. I also have great memories shopping with my mum and being allowed to buy a book from the Baby-sitter’s Club collection. Having such strong memories and love for reading have led to rather large book collections and a drive to ensure our boys develop their love for reading!

Being a teacher meant that before we even had our first baby we had quite a strong collection of children’s books, a collection that has continued to grow now we have two boys who also love their story time. Since the boys were babies, we’ve been reading aloud to them and made it a habit to read to them before bed each night. They love their story time so much we’ve had to cap it at two books maximum before bed. I’m hoping they do love reading that much, and it’s not just the delayed bed time.

When planning the boys’ rooms, book storage was quite high on my agenda. To encourage reading, I feel that books need to be accessible and inviting. Have you ever paid much attention to the junior fiction area at your local library or school for that matter? Quite often they have the books in tubs for kids to flip through and see the covers as they are looking. Both my boys have the IKEA Expedit shelving unit (now known as the Kalax series). I have a small  obsession with this book case especially when it comes to kids’ organisation, which you’ll see if you follow my blog regularly.



We store the majority of our books in Blair’s room as he’s older and for a time there was the issue of Leo “accidently” tearing pages. In the four blue boxes along the bottom we have all our picture books. I’ve found a few advantages to storing our books this way.

  • The tubs are easy to slide out
  • The kids don’t have to pull out all the books when they want to find one as they are easy to flip through and the front cover is visable.
  • They stay relatively neat inside the tubs and even when they get a bit untidy it’s concealed inside the tub
  • There is room  for plenty of books


On the upper shelves, we have sets of books. The red wire locker boxes have some sight word and alphabet books that we wanted to pull out of the general population to make them easier for our beginner reader to find. The books in the middle two cubes are two collections I’ve had since my childhood one is a Disney set, and the other set is a collection of Bible stories.


We have a smaller collection in Leo’s room that we swap in and out with books from Blair’s room. These are stored on his Expedit shelves using the same red locker boxes we have in Blair’s room.


Tomorrow is Throw it Thursday! If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you would have seen my posts and what I’ve been throwing each Thursday. Decluttering, throwing, culling, donating – whatever you want to call it, is a crucial part of staying organised. To keep what you have in order, you need to evaluate and edit what you do have reguarly. This week I’m going through the kids books, with the kids! Any books that are damaged or they’ve outgrown will be leaving the house either by donation or rubbish bin. Why not have a look at your book collection and see what you don’t need any more?

I have a few more posts on book storage coming soon! My next post will  show you  how we make reading inviting and inspire our boys to read.

How do you store kids books at your place? Where do you store them? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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