I’m a big believer in making spaces and activities look inviting and therefore, inspiring. It would come as no surprise that my approach with our reading books is no different.  While I love having our books stored in tubs the downside is as they are “put away” so to speak, they can almost become out of sight out of mind. Have you ever noticed how kids don’t play with something for ages if it’s in a cupboard or under a bed but when you pulled it out again all of a sudden it’s their long lost favourite and played with continually?

In both the boys rooms, I wanted to have a reading nook that would inspire them or invite them to read.

I did my usual Pinterest stalk for ideas and inspiration and then hit IKEA for supplies. Blair has a great corner in his room where we mounted three 55cm Mosslanda Picture ledges to display books.


We rotate the books on these shelves regularly, usually to current favourites or a collection of books, such as Hairy Maclary or Dr Seuss. You could even change the books to suit your child’s current interests like magic or dogs.


We added a few cushions and a small round rug to make it comfy and inviting.

Blair has loved this little nook from the beginning and calls it his book corner. He takes great pride in choosing books for this space and even which bears get to sit in here. I love finding him reading to his toys or sharing a book with his little brother.


It’s hard to remember them ever being this little.

How do you inspire your kids to read? Do you have a  book nook or are you planning one soon?

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