In my last post, I shared with you how we created a space in Blair’s room to inspire and invite Blair to read.

When the time came for Leo’s big boy room, knowing how much the boys had enjoyed Blair’s reading nook together was a large factor in creating Leo’s space. I knew I wanted him to have a similar space. But such is life as the second child, and Leo has a smaller room, and there isn’t the space to do the same in his room.

Creating a different space for Leo meant I needed to move away from the  Mosslanda Picture ledge.  As much as I still love them we’d  found you couldn’t store a lot of books on there as the lip at the front of the ledge isn’t very high and they tend to tip off. In Leo’s room, the plan was to have his book nook close to his bed, and I didn’t want any books sliding off during the night and waking him.   This time I used the IKEA Bekvam Spice racks: the higher bar at the front makes it easier to keep more books in.


I originally bought three of these and intended to paint them white. But once we were putting the room together I decided to leave them in their raw timber state to tie in with some other shelves we used.  We also only mounted two, as the third one would have been quite high and we didn’t want to encourage standing on the bed.


I have to admit the boys don’t read in here together very much but seeing as any book on the shelves needs to be read at bedtime I think it’s still inspiring him to read.  We have to choose carefully how many books are on here, or we end up reading half a dozen stories before bed.  We put two or three on here and change them every couple of days.


We don’t just have kids books in the boys bedrooms (I told you we had a lot). In my next post, I’ll show you where else we have books for the kids stored and how created reading zones in the rest of our house.

Do your kids have lots of books? What do you do with them all? If you’ve created your own reading nook I’d love to hear about it, tag me on Instagram or Facebook or use the #sofreakingorganised_booknook.

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