I love the end of the school year! The weather is warming up, there’s buzz of excitement in the air as the Christmas countdown begins and the best part, the start of the long summer break.

What I don’t love about the end of the school year is the copious amounts of treasured art work that comes flooding home from School each day. Not to mention the piles of exercise and text books.

It’s overwhelming and during these busy last few weeks I don’t have time to deal with them.

Here’s how I manage the influx until I have the time to store the kids art work.

  • Firstly I put two empty storage tubs out. You can use any box or container just ensure it’s a big one!
  • Then each day when the boys empty their bags they put their art work and books straight into their tub. I encourage them to throw anything they don’t want immediately, but if your children are anything like mine they are sentimental little hoarders and want to hold onto all their precious work.

These tubs are not the final resting place for their art work or books, just a temporary place to keep all their work in one place and not strewn all over the house, it also stops anything really precious art work from being damaged until we can store or display it correctly. You can see how we display some of their work here.

  • After school ends we set aside a day early on in the holidays to sort this tub. Don’t put it off too long or you’ll risk not doing it at all. Throw it Thursday would be a perfect day to sort it out!
  •  Then when we have the time to sort and store their work properly we get a garbage bag ready and tackle it together.

I like involving the children in this, although it may take a little longer, it is super important. If you have little hoarders like me, I think it’s important to teach them early on about what is worth keeping and how to let go of the things that aren’t. It might be the other way around in your house where you are the sentimental one and don’t know what to keep and what not to. Your children might surprise you with what is special to them and what they are willing to part with.

  • Once we have decided what piece we are going to keep we store them in a suspension file storage container. You can purchase containers like these from office supply stores.

  • We have 2 files for each year, one for art work and one for miscellaneous items like certificates and awards.  I prefer to use the date rather than the grade they were in at school.

  • Once the art work is all filed away, the file containers are stored in each of the boys wardrobes.

Depending on how much you intend to keep will determine how many storage containers you will need.  Blair’s container is getting on the full side this year, but it has 7 years worth of art work and memorabilia stored in it.

One of my goals for 2018 is to turn the boy’s master pieces into a book using the web site Jimmy Halfpenny. I love the idea of packaging up all their art work and sending it off to be turned into a book we can flip through and enjoy. Once their art work is compiled in a book I intend to throw most of the originals away.

What do you do with your kids art work?  Are you sentimental and keep it all or do you choose a few favourites to hold onto?  I’d love to hear how you store your kids art work.

Happy Organising







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