Sometimes I have the luxury of knowing we’ll have a busy week and can plan ahead a little. I prep meals and lunches ahead of time, reschedule swimming lessons. But generally, weeks can go from smooth sailing to cyclone approaching pretty quickly.

In weeks like these, I find that it’s our regular routines that keep us afloat. These are a few of my fall back habits that help keep my head above water.

Wash daily

I used to loathe washing and while doing a load every day might seem like it is adding to your workload, I find one load a day manageable.

I hang it out in our garage and bring it in and fold it the next day when I hang out the next load. Having the line in the garage allows me to hang washing at any time of day or night and in any weather condition.  We purchased this wall mounted shelf system from IKEA a few years ago.  It’s no longer available however it has been replaced with a similar range called the Algot system.


Cook once eat twice


I try and make extra meals all the time, If I have the chance to double a recipe I will, any leftovers go straight to the freezer for those super busy weeks. I can’t tell you how many times this has saved us going through the drive-through on the way home, not to mention the $ we have saved. When things are hectic, I feel just that little bit more in control knowing we are at least eating a healthy home cooked meal, even if it was cooked a few weeks ago!

Plan ahead


I find planning out our week on a Sunday evening helps get everyone on the same page (literally). I’ve tried a few different calendars and list systems in the past, at the moment we are using an A4 planner pad from Kikki K. I write down each of our commitments for the day and our meals for each day.

Organise and prep the night before

With small children comes a great deal of unpredictability! We’ve had mornings where breakfasts are spilt multiple times; extra baths are needed not to mention meltdowns about outfit choices (yes! even with boys). Having lunches made and bags packed and ready the night before means there is one less thing to juggle and allows us to handle any unpredicted challenges with a little less stress.

Team work makes the dream work


In order to have an organised home everyone needs to be working toward the same goal. In our house everyone no matter how old you are helps out. From a young age both our boys have been given little jobs to do. From as simple as picking up their toys, to making their beds to helping unpack the dishwasher.  Initially it might seem easier to get it all done yourself but in the long run, we all know many hands make light work.  Start small with one job at a time, especially if your family aren’t so used to helping out.

Don’t sweat the small stuff


This is sometimes easier said than done! It’s taken some practise and I often need to remind myself that being organised doesn’t mean perfect.

What do you do to stay organised when things are busy? I’m always looking for tips; I’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy Organising


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