It’s that time again already! I’m sure I’m not the only one asking, where did the holidays go?

This year I have both my boys at school, I’m super excited for the one drop off!

Being a school Mum took me a little getting used to but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it now.

Here are a few things Ive started to organise so we are ready for back to school.

School Shoes

I like to buy school shoes early in January, this way they can be worn a few times around the house to break them in a little and get used to wearing shoes and socks again. We tend to live in our thongs over the summer holidays so wearing shoes and socks can sometimes take some adjustment.

Take your school socks when you go buy your school shoes. Ask your child how they feel, there’s a good chance if they hurt or feel uncomfortable from the beginning they might never be comfortable (I learnt that one the hard way).  These shoes will be worn every day for the majority of the day.

There are some great back to school specials so shop around. If the store is offering a buy one get one-half price and your budget permits, buy the next size at half price and keep it on hand for during the year.


Lunch Boxes and Bags

This is the first year I won’t be using the Fridge to go Lunchbag. I still highly recommend these lunch bags.  I’ve been impressed time and time again that any leftover lunch is still cold after pick up at 3 pm. The cooler pack is a flat design and slides into the bottom of the lunch bag. I’d recommend having a spare freezer panel as a back up.

I’ve found these lunch bags to be durable and ours have lasted the whole year.


This year we will be using the Smash box Bento Switch up.  I’ve been looking at ways to pack more food for my growing boys and haven’t been able to go past the size and flexibility of the Bento Switch Up. You can find them in your local Coles and Big W now.

I like to have 2 lunch boxes per child for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I like to make lunches ahead of time and sometimes the boys are still at school using their lunch boxes.  Having a second one means I can make their lunch whenever I’ve got the time. It’s also handy that I don’t have to wash and dry one before I can pack it each night. Not to mention how convenient it is if the unthinkable occurs and it’s left at school!


Drink Bottles

After trialling a number of drink bottles and buying at least half a dozen we finally found one that lasted more than a few weeks. I’ve found the Camel Bak drink bottles to withstand all the bumps and knocks kids seem to give them, yes even the bottle flipping craze. They come apart for easy cleaning and are also dishwasher safe. One of the things I love most about this range is they sell spare parts, we have replaced the mouthpiece ready to start the new year but will be using the same bottle as last year.


There are a number of stores that stock Camel Bak drink bottles, but I’ve found the best variety of sizes and designs at Lime Tree kids and I love buying from small family businesses.

Name Labels

I don’t send anything to school unless it has a name on it! At least with a name, there is some chance of it being returned or identified at lost property. As a teacher, I’m always astounded at the number of unidentified lunch boxes/drink bottles/hats etc in lost property with no name on them!


I’ve been buying from Hippo Blue for a number of years now, I run all our lunch box containers through the dishwasher and the labels have stood the test of time. The shoe and iron on clothing labels are also a good investment. Picture a line of black shoes all around the sand pit at lunch or a pile of school jumpers on the seat, having your child’s items labelled will help them identify their property as well as help it find them again if it is lost. Hippo Blue have a great range of designs and a large range of products you can personalise, both my boys enjoyed choosing their own label designs last year.

If you need to stock up on labels put your order in ASAP to ensure they arrive in time for school to start.

Book Covering

This is the first year I will have to deal with book covering. Previously all our books were delivered to the school, and the school distributed them. I’m armed and ready and taking the easy way out with slip on reusable book covers. You can usually find reusable covers newsagents and some department stores.

I was tempted to try using contact when I saw a tool that helps eliminate bubbles when applying contact.  It’s called a Constastick if you are going down the contact road.

Have you started to organise for back to school? I’d love to hear any of your back to school advice!

Happy back to school




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