The first day of school is fast approaching.

It can be an exciting time for some children but at the same time a little nerve racking.

I have a few first day of school traditions we’ve started that have helped build a bit of excitement and thankfully in our house calm a few nerves.

One of Blair’s favourites is preparing and taking in a small gift for his new teacher on the first day.  I’ve found this little tradition gives us a chance to talk about his new teacher and gets him excited about meeting him or her. As we don’t know the new teacher very well, our little gift is usually something small and useful.

I love a good play on words so I’ve put together a few gift tags and ideas you might like to use for the first day of school.

These gift tags are available as a free download HERE.

I’m excited to BEE in your class

Burt’s Bees have a range of products available that can accompany this gift tag.

I’m going to be a smart COOKIE with you as my teacher

Home made cookies are always a winner.

This year is going to be REMARKABLE

Whiteboard or permanent, new markers make a great back to school girt for teachers.

This year is going to be SCENTsational

A gorgeous scented candle, packet of scented pens or any scented product would be perfect with this gift tag.

I like to mark the first day of school with a photo. We started the tradition of using our light box to mark the year and grade.  It can be a busy morning the first day back at school, so we get the light box ready the night before so we can quickly snap a picture before we head out the door.

It’s also fun to take the same picture on the last day of school. It always amazes me how much they grow in a year.

With both our little men off to school this year I’m starting a new tradition. We’re going to have a back to school dinner the night before.  Nothing fancy and definitely not a late night! Just a nice family dinner at home.  I’ve grabbed a few fun stationery items in the back to school sales to give the boys as a little surprise. I’m sure this new tradition will be a huge hit.

Do you have any back to school traditions? Do you think you’ll start any new ones this year?

Happy back to school


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