Who doesn’t love a holiday? A little break from reality and time to reconnect and spend quality time relaxing together as a family.

When we plan a mini holiday, we usually like to be within a few hours’ drive from home and prefer to stay in self-contained accommodation. We find this keeps the holiday budget in check as we can prepare some of our meals and if the need arises throw a load of laundry on.

I find most holiday apartments are stocked with everything you need for a short break. However, I have a few creature comforts I like to take that make our holiday just that little bit easier and more organised.

Coffee and Tea supplies

Starting with the important stuff because let’s be honest, it will be a much nicer break once Mummy is caffeinated! I have been known to take our whole coffee machine when staying in holiday homes and apartments! People we’ve stayed with have had a good laugh when I turn up with the coffee machine but funnily enough they are often the ones who use it the most during the stay. If we are only going for a few days or are limited with space I take a range of coffee bags, cappuccino sachets and extra tea bags to get us through our stay.

Power Pack

As our family grows so does our collection of chargeable items. More often than not we find that holiday apartments don’t have enough outlets or only one in an easy to access spot.  A power board is an easy solution and creates a charging station for our stay.

Hand Soap and Sanitiser

The little soap bars most accomodation places don’t seem to last the distance with us. I don’t know if it is all children in general or just my boys, but I find that hand washing is more likely to occur if we have liquid soap. Just like at home I pop the hand sanitiser in the kitchen where it’s central for everyone.

Sharp knives

To date, I haven’t stayed anywhere that has had decent sharp knives! One of the main reasons we choose self-contained accommodation is for the use of a kitchen to prepare our meals. Our holiday knives are also brightly coloured, so they don’t blend into the accommodations cutlery and get left behind. We also take a set of steak knives as Bbq meals are always on the meal plan when we holiday (somewhere along the way we’ve left one behind).   While your thinking about sharp objects a pair of scissors often comes in handy.

Zip lock bags and Rubbish bags

I always find zip lock bags useful!  They are great on holiday for left overs and packing snacks for the kids. A few Extra rubbish bags don’t go astray and are also handy for laundry.

Bag Clips

Perfect for sealing any leftover overs in packets and easy to bring them home at the end of the trip. At home when we use packet food, any leftovers are stored in, but I find there are never enough containers with lids provided in holiday rentals.  I grab a packet of these clips every time I visit Ikea.

Candle or Room Spray

I love burning scented candles in our home and love to light them while we relax and enjoy our home away from home.   Especially if our accommodation hasn’t been used recently and needs a good air out and freshen up.  If you’re taking a candle to burn, don’t forget the matches!


There are a few essential items that I like to pack as I know we won’t use a large amount during our stay. Salt and pepper, sauce, oil, extra dishwasher tablets, washing power the list could go on!

Instead of looking for and packing each of these items every time we go on a trip, we have a holiday essentials box that we keep packed and ready to go. All we need to do each trip is pack the box! After each holiday I top up any supplies that are running low and sometimes add things we’ve found we needed. On our last trip, the apartment had a deck of Uno cards, we had such a great time playing Uno each night that I’ve added an Uno deck to our box.

On that note, we are off this weekend for our first Air BnB experience. You can see what we get up to and how we use our holiday box on Facebook and Instagram.

What do you like to take on holidays with you?

Happy Holiday





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