I recently posted on my Instagram and Facebook how I always save the bags and packets that new linen comes in.  I thought I’d share a few of the creative ways I’ve used these bags as storage solutions.


I find these packets to usually be sturdy plastic and often have zips or press buttons.  They don’t look or feel like a regular plastic bag, they feel useful almost to good to throw away.

I’ve built up quite a collection over the years, I keep them in my linen cupboard in this fabric box.


I keep the larger bags that donna inserts and mattress underlays come in to store blankets and doonas when they are not in use, after all that is the bags intended use in the first place so this one seemed like an easy solution.


I was able to free up some room in our glove box by moving all our log books into a plastic packet and storing it under the passage seat.  I rarely need to get these out and would rather have things I use more regularly at my finger tips in the glove box.


I have found the packets pillow cases come in perfect for storing some of our puzzles.  I was happy to get rid of the boxes and keep the puzzle pieces and an image from the original box as they need less storage space this way.


I use this little zipper bag as an on the go pack, it’s ready to throw into our beach or park bag. We keep it stocked with a few essentials, sunscreen, hand sanitiser and insect repellent as well as a spare plastic bag for rubbish or wet clothes. These are also great back up bags for toiletries or any liquid items when you are travelling.


Sheets and pillow cases aren’t the only items to come in these handy bags. The last few pillows I’ve purchased have also had their own handy bag, I’ve kept those bags in my stash and use it to protect my pillow when I’m travelling.  I don’t go anywhere with out my pillow, ever!



Does anyone else save and use these bags? What do you use them for? I’d love to hear how you re-purpose them.  Maybe this is the perfect excuse for you to get yourself some new linen!

Happy organising


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