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Getting control of the washing pile

I always felt like a slave to the washing pile and would hold my own silent protest against washing any more than I had too.  This usually meant that nothing got washed until the weekend, or there was nothing left in the wardrobe to wear.  We were well equipped to deal with the washing drought… Continue reading Getting control of the washing pile

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Creative Storage Solutions

I recently posted on my Instagram and Facebook how I always save the bags and packets that new linen comes in.  I thought I’d share a few of the creative ways I’ve used these bags as storage solutions. I find these packets to usually be sturdy plastic and often have zips or press buttons.  They… Continue reading Creative Storage Solutions

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My Meal Planning Process

When I say meal planning, I’m not suggesting elaborate three-course meals with fancy ingredients. I simply mean take stock of your fridge and pantry and map out a plan for the next week or fortnight. For a workable meal plan think about your time, budget and what you are willing to make. If you work… Continue reading My Meal Planning Process

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Getting kids to help

Getting kids involved with the housework and organising can be a struggle but having everyone in the house working toward the same goal can lighten the load on everyone. If you are just starting out on your organising journey, it’s important to identify clearly what you want to achieve and get the whole family on… Continue reading Getting kids to help

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Organising hacks for school kids

Having kids has kept my organising skills on their toes! Their needs and interests change so much with each milestone they conquer, organising bottles and nappy bags are almost a distant memory for me now.  My latest organising challenge for the boys has centred mainly around all the routines that come with having a big… Continue reading Organising hacks for school kids