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My Meal Planning Process

When I say meal planning, I’m not suggesting elaborate three-course meals with fancy ingredients. I simply mean take stock of your fridge and pantry and map out a plan for the next week or fortnight. For a workable meal plan think about your time, budget and what you are willing to make. If you work… Continue reading My Meal Planning Process

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How I stay organised when life gets busy

I’m back from what was an unplanned little break from regular blog posting. There is nothing exciting to report or any extenuating reason for my little absence, just the fact that life can get busy sometimes. We’ve had a few jam-packed weeks of late; I don’t know about you, but around here it seems to… Continue reading How I stay organised when life gets busy

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Making a meal out of leftovers

Ever have one of those nights where there’s nothing left in the fridge. Not quite ready for another shop and have the end bits of this and a bit of that. I found myself in this situation last night! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you might have seen my cleaned out fridge! Something… Continue reading Making a meal out of leftovers