For our oldest son’s 8th birthday, we decided to give his room a bit of a makeover. It hadn’t had any major changes since we first set it up when he was 2.5. Except for a few little refreshers here and there like artwork and bed linen. He’s entering the in-between tween years, not a little boy anymore but still nowhere near a teenager, and there was a need for a more functional space for his age.  On his birthday we sent him off to school with his bedroom looking like this

We surprised him after school with it looking like this

We wanted to add a desk and a space where he could practice his guitar without interruptions from his little brother. I wasn’t entirely sold on the need for a desk in his bedroom just yet, but it was something he was asking for, and I know he’ll eventually need a space for quieter study. The desk we choose is from Ikea and is from the Micke range, it comes in a variety of colours and sizes. Wanting to keep clutter to a minimum we opted for the smallest size.

The desk has a single drawer perfect for stationary and books. I popped in a cutlery organiser to help keep all Blair’s stationery items organised. There is still plenty of space for notebooks on the side.

Next to his desk, we have a few picture ledges that we purchased from Ikea when we first set up his bedroom, you can see how we previously used these as a reading corner here. I wanted to keep the top two ledges for a few display items.
We were going to remove the third lowest shelf, but once the desk was in place, I thought it looked like the perfect spot for a few extra notebooks.

This cork board was a little DIY project, we used an old picture frame and took the back out of it. A quick coat of spray paint and then replaced the backing with a trimmed down piece of cork.

I want to teach my boys that they don’t need to keep everything! But at the same time, it’s ok to keep special meaningful items. The important thing is to treat those special items with respect and designate an area where they can be enjoyed. These shelves are The Byron hanging Shelves from Pillow Talk and are perfect for all Blair’s special trinkets.

Picture books are rapidly being replaced with the Treehouse series and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Being a teacher our book collection can get out of control pretty quickly. To help keep the collection under control we edit it frequently and ensure it stays within the designated shelves. When they don’t all fit it’s time to go through them and pass a few on for others to enjoy. The Ikea PS Locker cabinet is where we are keeping Blair’s library.

I like to keep bookshelves concealed in my boy’s rooms as they often get messy and make the room look untidy. You can read more about how we store our books here.

I can remember from my teen years how much I loved hanging posters in my room. I’m not a fan of Blu Tack on walls, so I’m hoping these clipboards will allow Blair to hang pictures he likes and give him some ownership over his space. For now I have some skateboarding and soccer pictures from a few magazines and a quote I found online.

Another one of the must have spaces in this bedroom makeover was some where to practise his guitar.  I’m hoping that having it set up and easy to access will entice him to practise a little more.

We are really happy with how the room came together and that we were able to pull it off in a day, but the biggest seal of approval was from the birthday boy himself.  So far the room is proving to be functional and has even managed to stay tidy! The only trouble is Mr 5 has decided his room needs a makeover too.

Happy Organising


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