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Now that I’ve finished showing you what we do with all the kids books around here, I can share how we store the books hubby, and I have and why we don’t have too many to store.

We keep all our grown up books in our home office.


A few years ago hubby and I renovated our home office (I promise I’ll post about that another day) We have the IKEA Expedit units (now know as Kallax Series) mounted on the wall. When we were planning the office, my dream was to have all our books displayed and organised by colour and have some room for some of the trinkets and things we’d collected over the years.

Here is a few close ups of our shelves with out and trinkets in the way.  I got my dream of colour co-ordinated shelves!

Black and White books

Black and White books

Blue and green books

Blue and green books

Red, brown and yellow books

Red, brown and yellow books

Previously we’d always stored them by category and initially Hubby was doubtful about sorting the books by colour.  But we’ve found it easy to locate what we are looking for.  When you go looking for a book on your shelves do you visualise the book in your mind or think about what category it would fall under?

Now you’re probably thinking that doesn’t look like a lot of books. I mentioned in my first post in this series about books that I loved to read, but walls of books didn’t fit with my vision for our office.  Before our little office reno, we had quite a large collection of books sitting in our office cluttering up our shelves and collecting dust. Renovating our office was the perfect opportunity to declutter and cull our books!

We followed the process Marie Kondo describes in her book The life changing  magic of cleaning up.  If you haven’t read or seen this book, I highly recommend it!

The first thing we did was empty all of the books from the shelves and sort them according to the four categories suggested by Marie Kondo

  • General – books you read for pleasure – novels etc
  • Practical – reference books, how to books, cookbooks etc.
  • Magazines
  • Visual – Photo collections etc

Marie’s process is to pick up each book and if it doesn’t give you joy when you touch it, it goes!  She warns against reading or flipping through books as it can cloud your judgement. It was hard to part with some of the books we hadn’t yet read and were keeping to read ‘one day’.  But after reading the book I knew they should go. Truthfully if we hadn’t made the time to read them yet, then we didn’t really want to read them. The same went for those that we’d half read or not quite finished. Does any one else do this? Not finish reading a book? When you think about it if the book was really that good wouldn’t you have finished it?

I was even able to part with a few novels I had read and really enjoyed, I knew I probably wasn’t going to read them again and would rather some one else enjoy them than have them collecting dust.  At work we have communal book shelf in our staffroom,  I put some of my favourites in there.  The rest we donated at our local charity bin.

The practical reference type books were so much easier to cull, considering everything you could possibly need to know is only a click away on the internet, made a lot of the books we had seem obsolete.

Any cook books we had I made sure were in the kitchen and was ruthless when going through them. No flipping through pages was allowed, if I’d never cooked from it, it went!

The magazines all went! We had a huge stack, from buying subscriptions.  They did not fit the image I had for our new shelves. I took them all into school to be cut up for collage.

As for the photo collections well that’s a post for another day. We still have our photos and there are quite a few but those are now all in matching albums that fit with the image I had in mind. These albums are from We are Memory keepers.


We still buy books and love to read! However now we pass on the books we’ve read to someone else we think might enjoy it.  I always try to remember that organising and staying organised requires a bit of editing from time to time.  Every now and then I look at the shelves  and pull out one or two that I’m happy to part with. Tomorrow is Throw it Thursday again! I’m going to give our books another edit, there is also a sneaky pile of magazines that seems to be growing.

Do you need to do a big book cull? Have you sorted your books by colour? Do you have some magazines you’ve finished with?  I’d love to hear what about anything you throw, you can tag me on Facebook or Instagram or use the #sofreakingorganised.

Keep organising


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