The count down to Christmas is super exciting in our house. One way we get around the “How many days till Santa comes?” questions, is to count down with an Advent Calendar.

I don’t think there was a lot of choice when I was growing up.  We always had a chocolate one and living in Queensland it had to be kept in the fridge.  My younger brother and I would alternate opening one of the doors and eating the chocolate each night.  It’s a tradition I’ve maintained with my own boys and look forward to each year!

Last year we went with the Lego advent calendar

Our scout Elf Linc arrived with it, bright and early, on December 1st. My boys shared this calendar and patiently took turns opening a door each night.  If you’re a Lego crazy family like we are, this is a fun option, our lego pieces have since been added to our large Lego stash and played with all year round.

I’ve been looking around and have found a few options I liked for our advent season this year.

My boys have inherited my stationary addiction and would be thrilled with the Smiggle Advent Calendar.  It is full of fun pens, erasers, sharpeners and more that could be useful additions to our homework caddy. Who doesn’t love doing homework with a rainbow pen and scented eraser?


I love the idea of a reusable calendar and I’ve spotted a few gorgeous ones around this year. At the top of my list is this stylish fabric one from Kmart. It’s super affordable at $12 and will give you great value for money as you can use it year after year. I also love the size of the pockets! They are large enough to pop a few small items with them having to be teeny tiny items.

The beauty of this style calendar is being able to personalise the way you mark each day.  Advent calendars don’t have to be about receiving a gift or treat each day during December. They can also be about spreading Christmas cheer and celebrating Christmas traditions.  All those little trinkets and toys that come out of your advent calendar need to go somewhere,  you don’t want to be adding to the pile of things to organise or declutter in a few weeks time.

If you’re thinking of a reusable calendar this year, you can download my printable Advent cards by subscribing to my email list HERE.







I’m always a sucker for anything personalised these personalised chalk board calendars from Joovie Creations are a great Idea.


This year I’ve also been noticing a few Advent Calendars geared particularly for the adults. I wouldn’t say no to this gorgeous Kikki K Calendar. My stationary addiction runs deep and I could and would put all of these items to good use.

The 12 Days of Christmas countdowns are also becoming more popular and I can’t go past this one from David Jones.


I’ve entered the Wife of the Year competition and ordered a Booze Bud Beer Advent Calendar for My Husband this year.  

He is literally counting down the day until he can start!

How are you going to count down the days until Christmas or have you already started?

Happy organising



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