My name is Bernadette and I’m the blogger behind So Freaking Organised.

While technically I’m not an expert –  my only qualification is my self-proclaimed love of all things organised!  I have been practising my organising skills for as long as I can remember and have learnt some handy tips along the way, that I can’t wait to share with you.  The thought of decluttering or organising a space makes me giddy and excited.  I appreciate diaries, schedules and time lines. I swoon over stationery, labels, all things colour coded and anything containerised (Is that even a word?)

I’m by no means perfect, I still make a mess and use every spoon in the drawer when I’m cooking.  I also have those days and weeks where nothing goes to plan and I’m chasing my tail or completely frazzled!

I’ve been sharing my organising love with my family and friends for a while now and after lots of thought and finding my big girl pants I think I might finally be brave enough to share my passion with the blogging community.

I’ll be sharing glimpses of our home and how we try and keep things running and organised around working, studying, fitness, kids, the school run and a fun family social life.

I hope I can help you on your organising journey, you can also join me on Facebook and Instagram for some daily inspiration and motivation!