After my last post on how I was able to gain control of our washing pile, I had a few questions about the system and routines I have in place.

Here are my top tips to keep you on top of the daily washing pile and make washing every day as stress free as possible.

1.Wash daily

Everyday at least one load! Washing every day helped me gain control of my washing pile once and for all! By washing more, I made the task feel less, and I felt more in control. Before you say we don’t wear enough clothes to wash every day factor in the towels, kitchen linen and bed sheets and you’ll find it might not be as hard as you thought to get one load in. No matter how big or small your washing pile is you need to find a system that fits for you and your family. A load a day is too much for some and too few for others so find your balance and make it a habit.

2. Use sorting baskets in the laundry.

Each day one of my boys collects all the washing baskets from the bedrooms, and we sort the clothes into the two baskets coloured/dark and white. Our laundry isn’t the biggest of spaces so these live in front of our linen cupboard. Sorting the clothes each day allows me to see what load needs to be done. We generally have a coloured/dark load each day and we need to build the white load up over a few days. As for the linen, we have a basket on the opposite wall for any towels and kitchen linen. The boy’s bathroom is directly opposite the laundry, and we don’t have a clothes hamper in their bathroom. Instead, we’ve been asking them to take their clothes straight into the laundry and sort them into the correct basket. They are 3 and 6 and are both able to do it!


I leave the ironing board up all the time, it might seem lazy, and it does make our laundry space tighter, but it encourages me to iron. I’ve always been an iron as you need kind of girl, but my hubby has a little date each Sunday afternoon with the iron to get the uniforms ready for the week.

3. Hang inside

Hanging inside will allow you to wash, day or night, and in any weather condition. We have a small clothes line mounted on the wall that we purchased at Ikea a few years ago. It is discontinued, but they have a similar drying rack in the Algot system. You don’t need to have a wall mounted line to make this achievable, there are so many large clothes hoists on the market that would do the job.



4. Sort your washing as you hang it.

This is possibly where my OCD kicks, but I like to sort the washing on the line as I hang it. On our garage line, I hang any adult clothes on the top and kids clothes on the bottom. It doesn’t take any extra time when I’m hanging, it does, however, save me some time when I go to bring it in. I can easily take all the kids clothes in to be folded or more importantly get them to bring them in as they are at a lower height and easy to reach.


Because our socks are hung in pairs, I find it quick and easy to fold them together as I take them off the line. I thought this might solve the mystery of the missing sock, unfortunately not! I’m not sure how or where they go, but we still end up with odd socks from time to time.


5. Have multiple washing baskets

We have 4 of these baskets. One for each member of our family. We sort the washing into these baskets, fold and put away.  It’s also handy if you don’t have time to get it folded and away, at least each person has their own clean washing basket to rummage through and find what they need.


I also keep a clothes hamper in each of the boy’s bedrooms for dirty washing.

6. Using delayed start

One of the features our washing machine has is delayed start, this feature allows me to fill the machine with washing and detergent and delay the start. This is helpful when I have more than one load to do in a day. I often get the machine ready before I go to bed, it will start the load and finish just as we are getting up and is ready to hang straight away. One load is done before we’ve even had breakfast. I’ve also set it in the morning, so when we walk in the door late afternoon, there is a load ready to go on the line. Some of my more energy saving friends use the delay start to run the machine at the optimal times for energy efficiency. Our machine can delay for 1hr, 3hr or 9hr.



7. Make it a family affair

Where ever I can, I like to get my boys involved and they are becoming little experts at sorting the washing into piles.  They aren’t quite as good at the folding but I’ll take whatever help I can get.  Being organised isn’t about being perfect!


What is your top tip for keeping on top of the washing? What is your system? I’m always looking for new tips, leave me a comment with your best tip.

Happy washing



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