It feels like yesterday it was the last day of school and the long summer break was ahead of us. But here we are with only a week left  before the new school year starts. As much as I’d like to stay in holiday mode, I like to use this last week before the school year starts to reclaim our routine.

While it is difficult and so tempting to savour every last minute of holiday time, I’m always thankful in those first few busy weeks of school and find the adjustment to routine that little bit smoother.

Here are my top 7 tips for getting back into the swing of school routine.

1. Start NOW

Don’t wait for school to go back, get a head start and start the school year refreshed and ready to go.

2. Re-establish Bedtime

We’ve had lots of late nights over the holidays! Starting the week before school it will be bedtime, as usual, no more late nights.

3. Set the Alarm Clock

This one is possibly the hardest for me as I love a good sleep in and a long lazy breakfast. We won’t be getting dressed for school, but we will be getting up earlier and getting dressed for the day by a set time and in a reasonable time frame.

4. Stick to Mealtimes

No more grazing our way from breakfast through to dinner. I find as a teacher little tummies take some adjusting after the long Christmas break. Try sticking to similar break times as your child’s school. Eating at School break times will also give you a good indication of how much your child needs to take to eat at each break. Mr 6 is always super hungry at Morning Tea and not so much around lunch time. I always pack a sandwich for his first break and something lighter for Lunch. It might even surprise you how much more they need to take in comparison to last year.

5. Start using lunch boxes and containers

This one applies more to children in Early years. Pack their lunch in their lunch box and allow them to practice opening their lunch box and any packed food. You’ll be able to show them any sneaky secrets for opening packets or tricky containers. It can be useful to slightly open the packet for them to make it easier. There is nothing worse than the over-zealous opening of a chip or pop corn packet and most of it going on the floor! Or the little one who’s too shy to ask the teacher to help open anything.

Smash Switch Up Bento Lunch Box


6. Stock the freezer

This one has saved me time and time again and is my fall back when life gets busy. Make a double batch of cookies or muffins and pop them in the freezer to use for backup lunch box treats in busy weeks. I also like to stock the freezer with a few dinners to avoid takeaway after a long day.



If you’re in need of a few ideas The Road to Loving my Thermo mixer is running a 5 day challenge to stock the freezer. Basically cook one meal a day for 5 days and get your freezer full for back to school.

7. Break in the school shoes

I mentioned in my Getting Ready for back to school post that I like to buy school shoes early in January so we can wear them around the house and avoid any blisters when school returns. It’s also an excellent opportunity to re-condition little feet to closed in shoes and socks after a long summer of thongs and bare feet.

What’s your best tip to get ready for back to school? Do you do any of these? Leave me a comment or send me an email, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy back to school



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