Whether it be organising, cleaning or even studying just getting started is often the hardest step. I can procrastinate with the best of them and have cooked my way through many busy times. My husband likes to call it  procaratibaking.

But often after I’ve finally started, and I come to the end of the to-do list I question why I put off starting for so long? When I’m feeling unmotivated, and the housework or the to-do list is calling I’ve found these simple strategies help get me going.

1. Turn off the distractions!
Turn off the TV and put down your phone. If you’re addicted to your smart phone (join the club) try turning it off or putting it in flight mode while you work.

2.  Open the blinds and windows.
Let the natural light and the fresh air in. I always find it lifts my mood instantly.

3. Light a scented candle or diffuse some oils.
I also love to pop  my favourite melts in my Scentsy burner (coconut and lemon grass is my current favourite).

4. Turn on some tunes.
What’s more motivating than listening to some good tunes? Lately, I’ve been listening to the playlist ‘Today’s Hits’ in Apple music. But I also love a walk down memory lane and reliving some of the hits from my high school days.

5. Set the timer.
It’s amazing how much I can get done in an hour!  I like to call it the hour of power. If I don’t have an hour I set the timer for the time I have even if it’s only 15 minutes before I have to get the boys from school. I find it helpful to work to a time limit even when I’m not time poor. Otherwise, you’re likely to see me in the kitchen with a half finished to do list.

How do you get motivated? Can you see any of these working for you? If you’re looking for some more motivation you can join the private So Freaking Organised Community group on Facebook and share your journey.

Happy Organising


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