As much as I love to decorate for Christmas and can’t wait to start decorating as soon as November rolls around, the minute Christmas is over I’m practically itching to pack it all away.  I like to have our house back in order by the 1st of January to start the new year with a clean slate.

If you are struggling to get started, here are 5 tips to kick your motivation into gear.

Designate a Storage Space

Consider the space you have available to you and decide how much storage space you are willing to designate to your Christmas decorations. If you are in desperate need of more space, consider giving your decorations a clean out, so they take up less space. If you can’t part with any of your decorations, consider moving the storage of your decorations to the roof, under a bed or garage.

We store our tree, outdoor house lights and a few larger items in our roof space. The rest of our decorations get stored on shelves in plastic containers in the garage.

Choose Your Storage Containers

I like to keep all my storage options simple and affordable.  There are a lot of specific storage options around for Christmas decorations, they work for a lot of people, but I find they are very specific about what can be stored in them and some of them are not so affordable. A simple plastic container can work just as well.


This style of plastic containers is readily available in department, hardware and discount stores.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most with a lid.  I’d recommend ensuring the lid is sealable or can be secured in place.  Keep in mind the space you will be storing your Christmas decorations and measure the containers to make sure they fit. There is nothing more frustrating than the boxes being a centimetre too big to slide under the bed or through the man hole.

Protecting Breakables

We have quite a few fragile Christmas decorations to store. I always throw away the original packaging so we can fit more in our storage containers. To keep our breakables safe I wrap them in tissue paper, each year when we unpack our decorations we keep the tissue paper in the container ready for the pack up.


Store in Categories

Label your boxes according to your categories. This will make your packing and set up that little bit easier. It’s also helpful if you need to find something or come across a stray decoration that didn’t get packed away.  Keep like items together and think about how you use them, for example, keep the tree skirt in the box with the tree. The categories will depend on what Christmas decorations you have, these are a few of the boxes I have

Tree ornaments and decorations
House decorations
Christmas books
Table Ware
Christmas toys and hats
Gifts (Any items I pick up in the boxing day sales for teacher gifts)

Storing Christmas Lights

We have a few sets of Christmas lights, since we started using these plastic reels from the hardware store we’ve had hardly any detangling issues.

If you can’t locate something similar this idea could work just as well.










On that note I’m off to pack away Christmas! When do you pack your Christmas decorations away?

Happy Organising






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