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No Bake Christmas Train

If your not quite up to a ginger bread house why not give my No Bake Christmas Train a try this Christmas. 

What you need

50g white chocolate melts (melted)

4 LCM bars

6 wafer biscuits

14 small liquorice stix. (Any liquorice will do.)

1 jam roll

1 Wafer roll

M&Ms/Jaffas or Malteasers to fill the carraiges.

Shredded coconut to decorate

What to do

  • Assemble the train on the plate or tray you intend to serve the train on.
  • Melt the white chocolate, to use as your glue.
  • Using a knife or spatula make two parallel lines of white chocolate on the tray. This will be the base for your track so make sure it’s only as wide as the LCMs, and the length of 3 together.


  • Line the liquorice along the white chocolate to form the track.
  • Secure 3 of the LCM bars on the liquorice tracks using the white chocolate as a glue. These 3 will make the carraiges.
  • Line the edges of two LCM bars with the wafter biscuits, again using the white chocolate to secure in place.

Cut a wafer biscuit into smaller pieces to make the ends of the carriage.

Cut the 4th LCM car in half, length ways. Then cut one of the halves in half again.







Stack the two small halves on top of each other. Secure the long half on top using white chocolate.









  • Trim the jam roll and secure to the front carriage.
  • Cut the wafer roll to your desired size and stick into the jam roll to make the chimney. You could use the end of a candy cane or another piece of liquorice if you don’t have any wafer rolls.

Lastly secure the chocolate coins to the sides of the carriages with white chocolate.

Dress the plate with shredded coconut and fill the carriages with your choice of chocolates.

This train is always a huge hit with the kids and a fun addition to the Christmas table. I’ve made a few over the years and have filled the carriages with a range of different treats like Jaffas, Malteasers, M&Ms and mini Candy Canes.

Have you got a favourite no bake Christmas treat?

Happy Baking






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