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Bunny Tail Cookies

There are so many cute options for baking when it comes to Easter cooking. I love getting into a theme especially if it’s an easy one the kids can help with. If you’re not much of a baker than these bunny tail cookies might be right up your ally.

These are super easy to decorate, my boys loved putting them together although if you ask them, they are bunny butts, not bunny tails!

What you need:

Round biscuits – I used Maria Biscuits from Aldi

Icing sugar – I don’t have a fancy recipe for icing, I usually just add a few teaspoons of hot water to a bowl of icing sugar and mix until I like the consistency.

Marshmallows cut in half

Mini marshmallows

Pink Choc Pearls – check the baking section at the supermarket

What to do:

Call the kids in to put these together.

Ice the biscuits and place the mini marshmallow in the centre of the biscuit.


Next place the large marshmallows toward the bottom of the biscuit,  sticky side up so the choc pearls can stick.

Arrange the choc pearls on the sticky side of the marshmallows in a paw print pattern.

That’s it! Bunny butts I mean Bunny tails!


Have you tried any Easter decorating yet? If your thinking you might give these a go you might also like to make these easy Easter Cupcakes . I’d love to see any easy Easter recipes you try.

Happy baking





One thought on “Bunny Tail Cookies

  1. This is so adorable. I feel like Easter, Christmas and Halloween is when I really allow myself to get creative with food, especially when it comes to baking. I might be bias because I love pink so much but these really do look too cute to eat. Fantastic idea!

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