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Easter Cupcakes

It seems like yesterday the stores were stocking the shelves with Hot Cross Buns and Easter eggs merely hours after Christmas had finished. Now here we are nearing the end of March, yes March!

I tend to ignore the eggs and buns straight after Christmas as I’m usually trying to get some sort of healthy diet back on track after the festive season!  I finally caved, we had our first hot cross buns of 2017 for afternoon tea last week. Now we are in the mood for some Easter decorating and a few more yummy treats!

I love to bake but when it comes to decorating my expertise are pretty limited. There have been more than a few Pinterest fails in my time so I’m always on the look out for easy decorating options that make me look far more talented than I really am.   Over the last few Easters, these cupcakes have been my go to for Easter parties and gatherings.  They are always a hit and impress the kiddies!



I like to keep cooking as simple as possible so make it work for you and use any cupcake base you like.  If you’re not a ‘from scratch baker” grab a packet mix next time you do your grocery shop.

What you need:


Toasted shredded coconut


Easter eggs

If you don’t have a go to cupcake recipe, give this easy one from Kidspot a try.

First toast the coconut in the fry pan for a few minutes.

Next make your icing. I don’t have  fancy recipe for icing, I usually just add a few teaspoons of hot water to a bowl of icing sugar and mix until I like the consistency.

Then ice the cupcakes and add the eggs. I like to use the Cadbury mini eggs for ours as the M&M speckled eggs contain peanuts, you could even use a few little wrapped solid eggs.

Lastly sprinkle with the toasted coconut.

Thats it!

Super easy and cute Easter cupcakes that are guaranteed to impress!

What’s your favourite Easter recipe? Let me know if you make a batch of these, I’d love to see how you go.

Happy baking





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