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Getting ready for Back to School



It’s that time again already! I’m sure I’m not the only one asking, where did the holidays go?

I’m still relatively new to the School Mum game, but I think I’m getting the hang of it!

These are a few of my back to tips

School shoes

I like to buy school shoes early in January, this way they can be worn a few times around the house to break them in a little and get used to wearing shoes and socks again. We tend to live in our thongs over the summer holidays so wearing shoes and socks can sometimes take some adjustment.

This year I purchased the same shoe Blair wore last year, the comfort and fit were great, they lasted the entire year! I’m lucky both my boys have slow growing feet, and they usually wear them out before they grow out of them.



I picked up a good tip of a well seasoned School Mum last year if the store is offering to buy one get one-half price buy the next size at half price and keep it on hand for during the year.

Lunch Boxes

This is the third year in a row I have purchased the Fridge to go Lunchbox! Living in Queensland keeping lunches cold is high on my priority list, I’ve been impressed time and time again that any leftover lunch is still cold after pick up at 3 pm. The cooler pack is a flat design and slides into the bottom of the lunch box. I’d recommend having a spare freezer panel as a back up.


I also throw it into the washing machine at least once a fortnight for a good soak and clean.

Drink Bottles

After trialling a number of drink bottles and buying at least half a dozen we finally found one that lasted more than a few weeks. I’ve found the Camel Bak drink bottles to withstand all the bumps and knocks kids seem to give them, yes even the bottle flipping craze. They come apart for easy cleaning and are also dishwasher safe. One of the things I love most about this range is they sell spare parts, we have replaced the mouthpiece ready to start the new year but will be using the same bottle as last year.


There are a number of stores that stock Camel Bak drink bottles, but I’ve found the best variety of sizes and designs at Lime Tree kids and love buying from small family businesses.

Name Labels

I don’t send anything to school unless it has a name on it! At least with a name, there is some chance of it being returned or identified at lost property. As a teacher, I’m always astounded at the number of unidentified lunch boxes/drink bottles/hats etc in lost property with no name on them!


I’ve been buying from Hippo Blue for a number of years now, I run all our lunch box containers through the dishwasher and the labels have stood the test of time. The shoe and iron on clothing labels are also a good investment, picture a line of black shoes all around the sand pit at lunch or a pile of school jumpers on the seat. They have a great range of designs and a large range of products you can personalise, both my boys enjoyed choosing their own label designs last year.

Book Covering

This is a bridge I’m yet to cross! Currently, Blair’s books are delivered to the school,and the school distribute them, the only time I get them is when they are full or come home at the end of the year. In the older grades where I will need to cover them, I won’t be wrestling with any contact! I’ll be taking the easy way out and buying slip on reusable book covers. You can usually find these covers in Newsagents and some department stores.


I’d love to hear any of your back to school advice! Let me know if you find any of these as helpful as I have.

Happy back to school





2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Back to School

  1. HimBernadett,
    I love reading your blog, thanks for all your great advice. I am still working in Prep, I find that the children are sometimes not able to open their lunch containers or packaging. As the Teacher on duty is not their classroom teacher, the younger shyer children will not ask a duty teacher for help.My suggestion is for parents to pack their kids lunches at home in the lunch box and containers for a couple of weeks before school starts school to get the children used to the container and packaging operation. Ask parents to show children how to do it for a couple of days then not to assist to see if children can achieve lunch time unassisted, this will ensure that the children can operate or the parents need to make a change. The duty teachers are always looking to help but sometimes a lovely little person gets missed in the business that is lunchtime with many children.


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