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Getting kids to help

Getting kids involved with the housework and organising can be a struggle but having everyone in the house working toward the same goal can lighten the load on everyone. If you are just starting out on your organising journey, it’s important to identify clearly what you want to achieve and get the whole family on the same page.  Set some easy and achievable goals.

Here are my tips to get your kids involved without an endless battle…

Make it simple
It’s no secret I love labels and there is no reason not to use them with your kids.  Use pictures and include the words, to identify where toys and clothes go.


Don’t just stick the labels on and expect magic to happen, get them involved in the toy sort and even deciding what labels are required.  Blair helped choose pictures on a few of our cards and stuck them on the boxes; I did a google image search to find what I needed and then printed and laminated them.


I like to use velcro dots when labelling the kids drawers and toy tubs so they are easy to change around as needed.


The put-away basket.
We have a small basket in the lounge room that I put anything of the boys I find.  The idea is they put those things away at the end of the day. Now that they are getting older I’ve noticed when they are looking for something they know to check the basket.  Using the basket means I can maintain a tidy living area through out the day and they are still responsible for putting it all away.


The hula-hoop.
This has been a game changer at pack up time.  More often than not our playroom looks like a bomb has gone off in there and no amount of labelled boxes can make the pack up any less painless or overwhelming.  This is where the hula-hoop comes in! I simply put the hoop down and whatever is in the hoop they have to put away.  When they’re done, I move it to the next spot. It makes the clean up less overwhelming and gives them an area to focus on.


Use a timer.

I regularly use a timer to motivate myself and get jobs done, if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you would have seen my posts about ‘The hour of power”. Basically set the timer for 1 hour, and tick as much off your to do list as you can. I’m always amazed at how much I can get done when I put my mind to it. Not surprisingly this strategy works for the boys too. I usually set the timer for a 10 – 20 minute period, depending how messy it is!  They know if they beat the timer they have more time to enjoy the next activity or have some chill out time before bed.

If you are just starting out on your organising journey, it’s important to identify clearly what you want to achieve and get the whole family on the same page.

What do you do to get your kids to help? I’m always looking for new ideas!

Happy organising



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