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8 Simple School Lunch box tips.

The school lunch box routine can take some getting used to! I know a lot of mums who loathe the daily task of packing lunches. I have to admit it's not high on my list of jobs that I love to do either. I thought I'd share these 8 tips I use to take the pressure out of...

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Getting Ready for back to school.

It's that time again already! Getting ready for back to school! I'm sure I'm not the only one asking, where did the holidays go? I have both of my boys at school now and it feels like the days of nappy bags and daytime sleeps are long behind me.  Now it's all lunch...

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School Holiday Activity box

The school holidays are fast approaching!  I’ve had a lot of interest on my Instagram and Facebook about the school holiday activity box I put together for my boys. Originally I put a  few activities together to pull out when I needed to squeeze in some work during...

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I am what you would probably call So Freaking Disorganised but with the help of So Freaking Organised the well explained, simple to use tips have helped me become more organised. From folding and ordering my clothes to taking on one spot in the house at a time, your blog Bernadette, has helped me in so many ways. I can now chunk up jobs to avoid the overwhelm and am looking forward to trying more of your great easy recipes to make school and home life more in control! So Freaking Organised is my go to blog for all things family and organisation related. Thanks Bernadette for sharing your excellent tips!  Kym Campradt

So Freaking Organised is, without a doubt one of my favourite blogs. Bernadette offers tips and tricks that are practical and achievable from decluttering to meal planning, storage ideas, fun activities for kids, delicious and quick recipes, household organisation and everything in between! The advice is relatable and realistic and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Bridget Dank

So Freaking Organised has been such a huge help to me! My partner and I both run small businesses, so things can get out of control in our house pretty quickly. Daily laundry rituals and being mindful to let go of something unnecessary each Throw It Thursday have helped us keep on top of some of our most-used spaces and keep our home from descending into chaos! Also, Bernadette’s tip about keeping your printer in a deep drawer has revolutionised my home office – there’s nothing like an uncluttered surface to keep your mind clear! Erin

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