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Getting control of the washing pile

I always felt like a slave to the washing pile and would hold my own silent protest against washing any more than I had too.  This usually meant that nothing got washed until the weekend, or there was nothing left in the wardrobe to wear.  We were well equipped to deal with the washing drought… Continue reading Getting control of the washing pile

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School Bag Command Centre

Having kids at school brings a whole different dimension to organising.  Not only is there everyone’s schedules and activities to manage but having kids at school also brings with it uniforms, bags, instruments, homework just to name a few. I’ve put together a command centre for all our school equipment.  Keeping it all in the… Continue reading School Bag Command Centre

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7 Tips for a Smooth Start to the School Year

It feels like yesterday it was the last day of school and the long summer break was ahead of us. But here we are with only a week left  before the new school year starts. As much as I’d like to stay in holiday mode, I like to use this last week before the school year… Continue reading 7 Tips for a Smooth Start to the School Year